Professional Carpet Cleaning Services For
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Let Us Efficiently Handle Your Home Carpet Cleaning Needs

          At Simply Clean Cleaning Solutions, we don't believe that a "one size fits all" approach suits every customer's unique situation. While our competitors refuse to adapt to new cleaning processes, we strive to incorporate them and make them available to you.

       Truck-mounted hot water extraction or "steam cleaning" is the industry standard. It is the method that carpet manufacturers require to uphold most carpet warranties. At Simply Clean Cleaning Solutions, we use state-of-the-art machines available for this method. If your carpets haven't been cleaned professionally for a while, it is most likely that we will use steam cleaning method.

          Basic deodorizer comes in the pretreater and detergent we use on each job, but usually only lasts a day or two. If you would like something that last longer, or you have pets we recommend Odorcide Duralast, it last considerably longer and has added benefits. Odorcide Duralast products now have the added benefit of Pet-Soothe™. This proprietary feature can help prevent inappropriate marking by relieving the stress and anxiety that accompanies these episodes thus encouraging proper behavior. Benefits can last up to 30 days after application. Duralast is specifically formulated to eliminate odors caused by pet urine, leaving behind a fresh appealing fragrance. Simple, safe.
 FREE bottle of spot remover with any cleaning service from Simply Clean Cleaning Solutions. Contact us for more details.

    Fabric Protectant

                We can offer Scotchgard brand fabric protector to make those accidents pop right out and keep warranties in   place. Fabric protectors like scotchgard needs to be applied properly or it will not work and will void your warranty.       Scotchgard is a brand of fabric protector and is not cheap to apply it properly. Don't be fooled by companies that give   it  away for free or at a low price. If they are it’s not being applied properly or it’s not Scotchgard brand fabric protector.   Not all warranties call for Scotchgard brand fabric protector, If the wrong one is used it also can void your warranty. If   you paid to have fabric protector applied and water does not bead up on tops of fibers, then it’s not doing its job. 

 Keep Your Carpet Dirt-Free With Our Dry Cleaning Services

 "VLM" or Very Low Moisture cleaning, sometimes called "dry cleaning or encapsulation cleaning,” is another good   option that we provide. When you find yourself in a situation where you would like to freshen up your traffic areas in   between overall cleanings, this method is ideal. The encapsulation cleaner we use has a built in fabric protector to   help   keep it cleaner longer by repelling dirt.

 With very low dry times and a fraction of the cost, VLM ensures that your carpet will continue to look great all year   long.  24/7 emergency services are available.
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